What It's Like to be a Mommy Wata Mermaid

What It's Like to be a Mommy Wata Mermaid

If you’re reading this blog, or even just browsing our site, we’re guessing that our catchy product names and whimsical branding must’ve caught your attention. Here are all of the reasons you should become a Mommy Wata mermaid, and all of the ways we are going to reel you in.

Mommy Wata Emerges

Mommy Wata products were originally created for one reason: to help women (well, more specifically, CEO Alexis Johnson) treat common feminine concerns, like bacterial vaginosis, safely and naturally. Before Johnson started Mommy Wata, she was a nursing student who planned to go into naturopathic medicine after school. But between classes and labs, she was a regular at her local doctor’s office, getting antibiotic prescription after antibiotic prescription to treat her recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV).

You see, Johnson is very sensitive. So sensitive, in fact, that her own period could throw off her hormones, and in turn, her pH balance, so badly that she ended up with bacterial vaginosis time after time, month after month. After diving deep into herbal medicine books and natural remedy research, she came out with a gentle, antibacterial soap bar that could not only ameliorate, but prevent, bacterial vaginosis and restore a healthy vaginal pH balance. Once Johnson realized that other women needed her soap as much as she did, she put it on the market and called it the Snatched Yoni Bar.

Many requests and Instagram DMs later, she developed a complete line of effective, gentle, and pH-rebalancing soaps for feminine concerns of all types, from frequent yeast infections to lack of natural lubrication and low sex drive. Because anything (and we really mean anything—from sex to your own cycle to the wrong products) can throw off your pH balance, Johnson focused on natural ingredients that are powerful enough to make a difference, yet gentle enough to respect the sensitive balance of a picky vagina.

All Natural So You Can Go Au Naturel

Johnson dug deep into herbal remedies when she developed the Mommy Wata collection. From oregano for increasing natural wetness with the Voodo Grip Feminine Bar to boosting libido with clary sage, one of the primary ingredients in the Sex Drive Feminine Bar, every product is chock-full of nature’s medicine. And what started off as a line of bar soaps quickly grew into a collection of shower gels, yoni oils, and even a lubricant to make sex more enjoyable during the fact and less pH-disruptive afterwards.

"I used this Voodoo Grip Feminine Bar and it was amazing. My man instantly noticed the change when I used this soap on my yoni. Bomb.com!"
-Keira Doe

But Mommy Wata’s line isn’t just for adult playdates. Johnson created a Mommy Womb Detox steam with all of the herbal all-stars for period relief and regulation, as well as after-birth care. She even came out with a line of organic and antibacterial pads, tampons, and pantyliners, as well as several products to reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs and achieve a picture-perfect bikini line.

"The Sea Salt Scrub has easily become something I can't live without. It does everything it says it does. The first time I used it, almost all my razor bumps were gone... a problem I've been dealing with for years gone overnight with this yoni scrub. I love this company. There's nothing like these all-natural products!!!!"

The products that have stolen Johnson’s heart? The bar that started it all—the Snatched Yoni Feminine Bar—and her Sea Salt Scrub. As someone who struggled with ingrown hairs and the lack of bedroom confidence a textured bikini line can cause, this scrub changed the game for Johnson. She hasn’t had an ingrown hair since!

"This soap is beyond amazing!!! It literally does everything that it says it does. As a women I struggle with BV, and I have tried many remedies, from medications to home remedies and nothing works. Who knew that all I had to do was find you!!! BV gone!! I have placed 3 orders with you in the last 30 days and each order contains a 'SNATCHED' bar. I will forever be a customer. Thank you for thinking of women like me. I feel so feminine and free to be me again."

Good for the Bikini Line, Good for the Planet

All of the ingredients in Mommy Wata products come straight from nature so that women can feel more confident going au naturel. But Johnson’s products aren’t just great for the bikini line (and beyond)—they are also just as sustainable and good for the environment. She isn’t just extra conscious about what her customers put on their most sensitive areas, but also how her products affect nature. Each of her products are cruelty free, and Johnson ensures that her production processes are just as clean and healthy as their final products.

That’s why all of her soaps come in fabric bags. Not only does the intentional packaging reduce plastic waste and save the environment, the fabric bags also conserve the product. Each bag comes with a drawstring closure, which you can use to hang the soap in the bathroom between uses. This prevents the nasty, soapy, and bacteria-rich buildup that can gather under soap bars when they are left on bathroom shelves and soap dishes. And when most of the bar has been used, customers can lather the leftovers of the bar in the the bag to get every last drop of Mommy Wata goodness.

Creating a Safe Space and Honest Conversation

Though Johnson’s primary mission was to help women (and the planet!) with her natural, sustainable products, Mommy Wata has also empowered women to take control of their own sexual health—and feel normal doing so. In fact, before her products truly took off, Johnson spent a lot of time educating her followers on feminine health concerns and their herbal remedies. That’s how the ideas for many of her products were born—from followers who direct messaged Johnson on Instagram to ask about the remedy for a specific issue they were struggling with. And though feminine care has become much more normalized, and many more feminine product lines have entered the market since Johnson started Mommy Wata three years ago, she still wants her brand to be a safe space for women to talk about the highs and lows of having a vagina.

As Mommy Wata grew, Johnson redirected her DMs to the support chat on her website, which goes straight to her assistant’s phone. This way, her customers can still reach out to her directly with all of their concerns, whether they are dealing with dryness or a Herpes outbreak, or any issue in between. There’s nothing that is off limits. Nothing that you can’t ask Johnson. And most likely, nothing that Johnson doesn’t already know how to remedy. So even though Johnson's products can only help those who buy them, Mommy Wata's approach to feminine health and pleasure helps all women.


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